how to split a Task (the Checklist items therein) into individual Tasks

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I am using MS Teams for agile working.

Within a sprint board, one can create a Task (title, assigned to, delivered by). Within the Task there are Checklist items. I want to make a Task out of a Checklist item. I had hoped that dragging a Checklist item into the Task area would create a new Task with that title. Unfortunately not.

Of course, copy/paste is possible. However, is there maybe a way to automatically split several Checklist items into individual Tasks?

Kind regards, Marcel

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Hi @mverduyn,

this might help you "Turn a checklist item into a Task" - Add a checklist to a task - Office 365 (



Unfortunately this is not a feature provided in Planner Today

thanks @seidenbergsven for sending this.

This is very very useful!