how to send audio message from Teams *DESKTOP* version

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how to send audio message from Teams *DESKTOP* version like you can do from the mobile version?

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@Rodrigo_Augusto Currently the feature is not available in DESKTOP client. Hoping that it would be available soon



thanks for the quick reply, I had to ask because I wasn't beliving that it is not available yet.

such a basic feature and still not available for Desktop...
Still not available, sadly :\
This makes no sense that I need to take my Andriod devise to use this Microsoft future

it's easy for sender, but not easy for receiver, and it's disaster for management
I think the "audio message" is the compromise.
and we forbid it for company

however, I agree it should be a function for personal: they don't care the side effect

Almost ending to March 2022, the feature is still not available. Considering mobile and desktop version are synched, there is a workaround where I have a mobile phone holder beside my laptop to enable myself to send audio message via the mobile version. The feature is good when your colleagues are asking piecemeal questions or very open-ended questions. Works like a charm to close it out within less than a minute in comparison to a significant of distraction by typing it out for explanation or a 5 min call.
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Hi, Boss , Eureka !! , use this via your mobile app of MT , its working , bro 

boss , use MT app in Mobile app , for this moments , it works there have the feature

@Rodrigo_Augusto i am also waiting for this!

@mkatina exactlyy... though they have introduced video recording option now but still audio feature :speaker_medium_volume: seems quite far! 

You can send record Video Clip , just turn off your cam and record
its a same result

@FahmiLaswar ohkay, yeah... So basiccc, didn't think thru.. :grinning_face_with_sweat: They should promote it as Audio/Video clip feature then xD

@FahmiLaswar how are you turning your camera off? I can't see an option on the popup video screen.