How to replace all internal mails with MS Teams (teams, chat and chatbot) and Intranet

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Our current setup is that we are already using Teams teams for org units, projects and other teams. Some departments already use the chat feature of Teams but it's not rolled out in the entire company. We are playing with a Chatbot in Teams to support the IT firstline support. And we are also in the middle of setting up our new Intranet on SharePoint Online. Yammer is not an option for us (and I don't see a need for our company size - around 1200 employees).

Our goal is to replace all internal E-Mails with the combination of Tools from the M365 suite. MS Teams (teams, chat and chatbot) + SharePoint Online Intranet.

Direct communication between employees is done via chat. All official/corporate communication should be done via the Intranet. But what about the fleeting organizational news such (as you can see on the graphic - a key has been found, that the parking lot needs to be closed, that the company doctor is now available, etc....)?


My idea is to publish them on the Intranet in a small section and if they are urgent, also add a push notification via the chatbot in Teams. I'm not sure if creating a Teams team with different channels for all these topics make sense.


Anyone using a Chatbot or Teams teams or chat for the distribution of these kind of communication?

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@Thomsch I've seen several organisations implement Company Communicator for this type of brief announcement, and also to alert people with links to longer stories on SharePoint.


GitHub - OfficeDev/microsoft-teams-apps-company-communicator: Company Communicator app template


Its typically a good solution from the communications departments perspective, but I'm less sure that users really like getting messages this way. To me I would rather see Yammer used for this sort of things and allow me to choose if I want to receive an alert or not.