How to make my camera view larger on screen?

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1) How do I make my camera view larger on the Teams screen? 

See screen capture below. My camera view is in the lower right, in that tiny box.  I am the meeting host.  The other participant, who is not sending any video, and they take up the majority of the screen.  I don't need to see his box with "EE" in it, I need to see my camera view with the tall things and shiny walls, to make sure things 50 feet away (or up close) are properly displayed for my online guest. How do I do that?


2) How do I set the recording feature to only record my camera's view?  Or only view on screen and record meeting participants that are sending video?  I don't want to fill up screen space with rectangles of people's initials, either during the meeting or in the recording.



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1. You can't in the desktop app, it's a mirrored preview of what you look like. There is another option on mobiles where you can instead 'share' your video to the meeting, then you get a full screen view of the rear camera.


2. You can't, it's a recording of a meeting.


Perhaps your requirement would be better met by Stream as a dedicated recording app that uploads to Office 365, download the mobile app and you can easily create nice videos, add highlights and so forth.

@Steven Collier Thank you for the information.  I must stream live through the $200 USB 1080p HD camera that my boss purchased.  Pre-recording is not an option.  Can Stream be used to host a Teams meeting? 


Another method I will try is split-screen, Teams on the right half and the Win 10 Camera app on the left half. Maybe both apps will be able to see the camera's live image at the same time.   


Zoom lets me view my camera feed as the largest displayed video, so hopefully Microsoft steps up to the competition and puts that feature in Teams very soon.  The thing is, the client on the other end of the call does not want to use Zoom in this case.

@BrianHallRHM No, the Stream mobile app is for recordings.


It's a bit complex, but you could use some other software to route the video through on the way to Teams, something that captures video and will feed it out as a virtual webcam. Commercial options like ManyCam, or free open source like OBS are capable of this.



@BrianHallRHM I haven't tried this myself yet, but it makes sense that it would work -- especially if you have two monitors: Before you start your Teams meeting, open the Windows built-in "Camera" app. That will show you a live video feed from your camera.  (And if you have multiple cameras, you can choose which camera).  Then start Teams.  Teams will not have access to your camera.  Then share your Camera app (like you would if you were sharing a PPT or Excel or whatever).  Everyone on the Teams meeting will see your video full-size from your Camera app. Would be nice if Teams could support this directly, but in the meantime, I like this workaround idea.

Does MT have any plans to update where we can increase the size of our own video during conferencing? @BrianHallRHM 

@BrianHallRHM I have the exact same problem.  Zoom and Cisco have already perfected this and I'm not sure why Teams has not.  Ugh!