How reliable are the calculations of the Network Planner?


What does the Teams Network Planner calculate?


I created a site in Network Planner with 2 active users (persona: office worker) and created a report. No WAN and no phone usage. Result: network impact = 7.3158 Mbps

Then I created another site. With 500 active users (persona: office worker). Also no WAN and no telephony usage. Result: network impact = 38.5814 Mbps. A 250 times larger amount of users increases the network impact only 5 times?

Then I created another site. With 1000 active users. Everything else as above. Result: network impact = 63.6175 Mbps. 100 percent more users than in the second example, but only about 60 percent more impact? See screenshot.


How can this work? What is being calculated? Is there any way to rely on the numbers?


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Hi, Robert!

You are considering everyone is using the MS Teams in your Organization at the same time, which is very unlikely. Anyway, lets consider everyone(1000 users) is using Teams Audio conference at the same time, MS recommendation states 58Kbps per user, then we multiply it by 1000, which gives you a 58Mbps bandwith, still bellow the 63Mbps given by Network Planner(I guess its considering some vídeo as well).

I hope this can help:,...