How do I send a Teams invite with the meeting URL displayed?

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Hi, this is a very simple question that I'm hoping has a very simple answer.


How do I send a Teams invite in Outlook with the URL for the meeting fully displayed?  I am able to send a "Click here to join the meeting" link but I'm looking to display the actual URL behind that link automatically for every meeting I host.

The reason is I'm experiencing a bug where my calendar invites may get flattened to plain text and lose the link in my invite.  My attendees still have their link, thankfully, but I don't any longer have mine. 


Because I book these meetings into my CRM calendar, my Teams calendar in the main Teams window does not list these meetings at all so I can't rescue the links there either.


The only way I can be assured that I can get into the meeting (without one of the participants sending me the invite once they've joined and I'm late because I can't join directly) is if I have the URL listed that I can copy and paste into my browser to launch the meeting.


Is there a simple way to set the Microsoft Teams plug in to automatically display the full URL of the teams meetings I book?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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@cw888 You'd have to change the text format like this (as default) instead of the above HTML.






Thanks!  It sucks that I'll have to do that for every meeting (I was hoping for something automated) but it accomplishes what I want.  I appreciate the help.

@cw888 Change it here if applicable (under settings).




Thanks Christian,

Sadly, I can't have all my mail going out as plain text. It's only the meeting invites I want to be plain text. If there was a setting for meeting invites only I'd happily change it but, alas, the world. You've been really helpful though. Thank you.
try app "Word"
if you disable "trust center" --" file block settings" -- "web pages"
then your Teams meeting in Outlook will be display as text instead of HTML



Thanks for your help.  Can you explain to my simple mind what you mean?  Send my invites from Word instead of from my calendar?  I'm not sure I'm understanding you, sorry.  Can you expand a bit?  Thanks!

@cw888 Let me assist with a dump from Word - Options. Not sure how it will affect other stuff but do work so thanks for another workaround @AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV :)






Thanks Christian, 


I'm definitely an idiot because I'm looking at your lovely screenshot and trying to figure out what this has to do with setting up Teams meetings in Outlook.


Sorry for being so basic, but can you tell me why we're talking about MS Word and what it has to do with Teams meetings in Outlook?  I'm trying to understand and apparently failing miserably.