How do I add events to a team calendar without notifying or alerting team members?

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I recently added a calendar to a team and was loading dates of interest for the year, such as Black History Month or Orange Shirt Day.  When I add them, Teams assumes these are meetings and sends a notice to all the team members.  I don't want this. The dates being entered on this calendar are only for reference so team members can coordinate sponsorships or ad campaigns.  

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Hi @Pat1956, it sounds like you are using the new channel calendar app. It a calendar app released by Microsoft a few weeks ago and it can be used to coordinate and setup new channel meetings. Actually, there is no built-in function to create only some dates or appointments as overview like important events, birthday from teammates or something similar. The only purpose of this app is to have an overview about channel meetings and to schedule new ones. Therefor your colleagues get an invite about a new meeting when you create new event.

For your purposes, I guess, it is better to use another calendar app. Some users create a calendar in SharePoint Online and use the website app to integrate it in Teams, for example.

Thank you, this is good to know. I will try the SharePoint calendar.
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@Thorsten Pickhan the SP calendar through the website app is not a great solution, it can be a bit flaky. The new calendar app is better, aside from the notification issue- get an option on there to select notifications and it would be perfect. 

may i know what do you mean by new calendar app