How 'best' to create a new team - Best practice!

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Hi everyone,


I'm a little confused about the 'best' way of starting a new Team, and whether such a thing exists.


I currently run a 'community' as a Team, and when I set it up, I just went through the Teams app and created a new team from scratch. That meant manually adding all 400 members to it, as for some reason, it didn't sync through and create a 'Office 365 group this way.


I'm now giving some guidance more broadly in our organisation about how to create a new Team, so it's got me thinking, what is the best way to do this? Are there benefits to creating it by first creating an office 365 group? Are there scenarios where you should definitely go that route first? Or is that something you can add on later.


What advice would you give when simply saying to someone 'this is how you should go about creating a new team' as there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer.


Thanks in advance :)

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Hi, it can be confusing and totally understandable. Try keeping it simple really and use Teams (first link). Perhaps you should consider implementing who can create a team (bottom link). I'm attaching a couple of links. As for the whole adding all 400 you could have used what's called an org-wide Teams (second link). But if that wasn't an option there are some easy workarounds to bulk add people to a team.
Thanks so much for this, it's a really good start to what i'm after.

I suppose what it doesn't answer though, is what the situation would be for you to create an office 365 group? And whether by creating a team in the way you suggested (Create a team from Scratch) whether that automatically should assign you an office 365 group?

One of the reasons i'm quite unsure about this is that i created my team exactly as you suggest, from scratch, and for some unknown reason, it didn't assign it as an office 365 group along with it, though others have automatically. Some other strange things went on also, such as the fact that we have an attached 'Stream' channel, which i added as a 'tab' in our team. But if i added new members through the Team, they couldn't see the Stream channel. However, by adding everyone ( all 400) through Stream, they somehow were added to the team AND could see the channel.. all very strange.

Would be great to get your thoughts on the above and especially the questions :)

@jkearley Hi, it's actually described in the "create from scratch link" When your team is created, you'll get a corresponding Microsoft 365 group, which includes a group inbox and calendar in Outlook, a SharePoint site, and OneNote.


You should also read this Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Now good luck with your teams in Teams ;)