Help! I cannot see the answers to the test questions

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Please, someone help me or my students will get really angry. I asked them to take a test, I prepared it on forms, took a link and made it available to my students through chat. I took the test myself to test if its working properly. The only answers I can see are mine. I did not get the students' answers in my mail inbox, contrary to my expectations. Where can I find them? Help me please!!!!

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@darim1963 Hey! I am not familiar with Forms for Education but maybe this will help you out!

Thank you very much. The link is quite useful, though it does not tell me what I did wrong. Anyway, the problem is partially solved - I asked my students to send me the confirmations they got for submitting their answers, and it turned out that any such message contained a link that enabled me to see the results not only of one specific student but of the whole test as well. So I was able to grade the tests, although I am still not quite sure how I should go about it next time to avoid such unclear situation. Thanks again, Dariusz

Actually I now see the way out of the problem was a little different to what I wrote in my previous message (sorry but there are so many "layers" in Office 365 I am confused with it most of the time. So anyway, I supposed I had to find the answers in my inbox in Outlook but it turns out I have to look for them in Forms. It is a little like with webbrowsers: I usually use Chrome but sometimes CCleaner's browser, and some of my programs decide to open  Edge. All these applications do, from my layman's view, pretty much the same, and the fact that I have them all and each of them has a few cards does not give me any sense of comfort, on the contrary I feel overloaded with these 'toys' and never know where is the thing I need now (when I know it has been opened already).