Having an Audio issue with Microsoft Teams application

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I have an Jabra Headset, Whenever i connect call through team Desktop application i can not hear voice but other can hear me.


Headset is working fine on Web app as well i can hear audio from video and audio files like youtube Video, music and movies.


I update system sound drivers also remove and reinstall Jabra headset driver but still having same issue.


Can some please help here.

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@nilesh_p Hi, I know there has been some issues with bluetooth devices occasionally. If you go to the Jabra support pages you can see if it's certified for Teams and/or Unified Communications, which is good to know.


Have you tried making a test call and see what comes out of it? Perhaps you can solve it by adjusting your device settings.

@ChristianBergstrom Hi, since about two weeks I face similar issues like described below. I use a logitec USB cable connected headset with a Dell notebook. In the beginning it worked fine I could even switch between Jabra 710 and lgoitec without issues and now it doesn't work anymore. I uninstalled everything and reinstalled, but without success.... What could be the next step to identify the root cause...

Thank you.