Google Authentication for Cloud Storage in Teams app

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We are able to successfully link Google accounts via the Teams web version at, but the authentication hangs when we try to connect the cloud storage using the Teams app in Windows or OS X.  We have tested this from different computers and networks.  


When Teams tries to authenticate the Google account, it loads an authentication window in the default browser.  This hangs - spinning circle - once you click Allow.  Google Drive information does not load into the Teams application.


We would appreciate any help or insight into this. 



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As we explore this more, we noticed that the other Cloud Storage options open their authentication windows directly within the Teams application. Google authentication is opening in the separate, default browser window. This may be the problem - not sure how to remedy this.
We have the same issue and appreciate a solution / workaround here. Most of our 3rd party apps are using google authentication and we need them to work in OS X (and 11) Teams apps.