Forms tabs does not load when on mobile

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I have a Form that i have pinned to a channel tab. When on the Desktop application it works just fine. However when I or anyone in my org attempts to open it on a mobile device it gets stuck on the loading screen. 


Anyone seen this before?

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Could you give me some information on what happens exactly, if possible could you attach a screenshot. 

Did you try to delete the pinned form and then re-ad it? 

If not please try this. 


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@benjamingenne I'm experiencing the same issue on more than 20 different Android Devices. The problem is evolving after the recent Teams update - tabs like Wiki don't open, tabs with Forms crash the app entirely. Below the description I have originally provided by opening a support ticket with Microsoft:



Forms tab embedded in Teams channel doesn’t work on Android Phones


Forms doesn’t load and makes Teams hanging totally when used on Android Phones. Case confirmed and tested on more than 20 different devices, incl. Samsung A50, Android 10, Chrome 83, Teams 1416/1.0.0, Voice 2020.01.1, preview disabled, last updated July 16th, 2020.


User has signed in properly in Teams, Forms and SharePoint on the affected device. Forms authenticate the user and work properly when used separately in a browser on the same devices. Logs confirm a successful sign in status for all affected apps.


It happens mostly when the device requires a new authentication event after changing the IP overnight.

Most probably – Teams can’t provide authentication confirmation to embedded Forms in the channel tab. The auth token might not be provided to Forms.


Installing an auth broker app (Intune Company Portal) doesn’t help. Problem persists on unmanaged, managed (Enterprise Android), MAM-managed and non-MAM managed Android devices from 6 to 11 version.

Example below: Login-ins Android 10, Samsung A50, Chrome 83

This is the same issue I am having. Please let me know if you find a solution.

@i4th8Let's stay in the loop.

Has anyone solved this issue yet? @Red Flag 

It ended up with the statement that it's basically "a know issue" with no ETA. Microsoft has closed the case after almost two months of friendly "problem solving" with the statement below:
"Based on our last communication, we believe this a known issue. We suspect that the Teams SSO (Single Sign On) API is broken on Teams Mobile in some cases. Back end team is already working onto it. There is no ETA as of now provided by my senior peers hence we can proceed with the case closure."

@Red Flag yep that about sums it up!