Floating Logo in Teams Background

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I'd like to create a Teams background that has a floating logo.  The closest I can come is to have created a PNG with the small logo in the corner of the screen. (Attached)  But even though the logo is 1/12th of the screen, the balance of the screen still projects a white background that halos.  I'm not interested in covering up anything behind me.  I'm only interested in having my logo or even if it's just a few text words on the screen--kind of like a floating logo and nothing else.  Is that possible to accomplish in 3D Paint or Powerpoint?  Is there a certain type of file or magic fix that will eliminate everything in a file except for the logo or text?  Thank you.

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@gkspam No, you cant have a transparent image as a background. Using logos etc is also a challenge as you can't guarantee that Teams won't crop your image when multiple people are on the screen.


September 2022 and this still isn't a feature.

HOWEVER. There's a guide that StreamGeeks made on how you can connect OSB and Microsoft Teams together in order to achieve a transparent background with an image of your choice - much like your floating logo in the background concept.

Find out more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU1hjcPU8L4

I hope this helps you and other people!
Awesome recommendation!! Will use it for our next internal Data Science conference :rocket:
OSB is is not a solution, unfortunately. If you have 300 people in a company, there is no way people are going to install OSB and go thought all the trouble on all machines...