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Hello, at our school, Hampton High, I installed external web cameras in the classroom to give more flexibility to the teachers on TEAMS for synchronous learning at home for the students. Everything was working great until a recent Microsoft update to TEAMS disabled the microphone on the external webcam so the students can not hear anything from home when they select this option. I have tried everything to reinstalling, updating and removing the external webcam from TEAMS but nothing seems to help. It worked before the update, so I was wondering if anyone has an idea for a fix?

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Is the webcam mic generally working?


Is there any issue with underlying Windows/MacOS not recognizing the mic correctly? 


Maybe you've already checked it, but is the correct microphone selected within Teams device settings and during the meeting?


Is the webcam Teams certified?







Hello, thanks for your response. The cameras were working all along when they were installed. They stopped working about a couple of weeks ago when another teacher told me of the problem and this is when I found out Microsoft did an update to TEAMS and the mic’s stopped working. The webcam is TEAMS certified because the video is still working great. The option to select the webcam mic while in a meeting is not even an option anymore in the settings menu so it somehow has been removed during this update. I tried to find an option in another place in the settings but no luck. Hope you still can help. The camera model is a Vimtag full HD webcam.