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Hi, Everyone:


I'm running into an unusual inconsistency on Microsoft Teams that is a little irritating. I have an excel workbook uploaded to the files section of a team and I cannot "Open in Desktop App" without the file defaulting to being a read-only.


It gives me the option to select "Edit Workbook." However, if I select that option, the file then becomes "checked out." And no other use can collaborate on it. I don't have this issue if I open up the file in a browser or if I simply continue editing it on Teams.


Furthermore, I did not have this issue at all if I was using Microsoft Teams/Excel on my Macbook (Mac OS). This only happens on my work laptop and it's happening to all of my peers.


I want the ability to freely edit this workbook without forcing a check out. I know that this is possible through previous experience at another company.


Please advise. 





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When you say it happens to all your peers also, is this the same Excel file that you are using? IE, a shared workbook, or is it generally happening with a range of Excel workbooks?

The file is not set to always open read only under File > Info > Protect document is it?