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Hi, Everyone:


I'm running into an unusual inconsistency on Microsoft Teams that is a little irritating. I have an excel workbook uploaded to the files section of a team and I cannot "Open in Desktop App" without the file defaulting to being a read-only.


It gives me the option to select "Edit Workbook." However, if I select that option, the file then becomes "checked out." And no other use can collaborate on it. I don't have this issue if I open up the file in a browser or if I simply continue editing it on Teams.


Furthermore, I did not have this issue at all if I was using Microsoft Teams/Excel on my Macbook (Mac OS). This only happens on my work laptop and it's happening to all of my peers.


I want the ability to freely edit this workbook without forcing a check out. I know that this is possible through previous experience at another company.


Please advise. 





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When you say it happens to all your peers also, is this the same Excel file that you are using? IE, a shared workbook, or is it generally happening with a range of Excel workbooks?

The file is not set to always open read only under File > Info > Protect document is it?
we have the same issue they have to click edit each time, but if they open in the desktop app it defaults to edit.

I have experienced this issue before and have found that the following works to address the issue: 

  1. Sign out of Microsoft Teams & then fully close the application (including in your taskbar > show hidden icons).
  2. Next open Microsoft Excel, click on the File tab and click on "Account" at the bottom of the menu
  3. Under "User Information" click on "Sign out". 
  4. Next, open Teams & sign back in.
  5. Open Excel & sign in again (follow steps in item 2 above but click sign-in). 


Hope this helps!