Enabling Together Mode in MS Teams

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What is Teams Together mode ?


Together mode is one of the feature of new meeting experience in Teams which is currently rolling-out, that uses AI segmentation technology to digitally place participants in a shared background, making it feel like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else in the meeting or class like various characters of MGR sitting in the above picture during 70s. Below is the difference between the normal meeting experience and together mode meeting experience.


Technical Deployment Approach




Make Sure Teams is up-to-date


  • In Teams, Click on profile icon > About > Version – Now you can see the current version of MS-Teams as shown below

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In case if you wanted to updated MS-Teams, Click on profile icon > Check for updates – Now Teams will automatically check and install required updates


Enabling New Meeting Experience


  • In Teams, Click on profile icon > Settings > Put a check mark in “Turn on New Meeting Experience” – as shown in the below picture



How do we ensure New Meeting experience is turned on ?


In Teams Go-to  your calendar, Click on Meet Now > if the new meeting experience is enabled, user find the meeting controls at top of the window – below is the pictorial differentiation of New meeting experience & Old Meeting experience.

new expereince.png


Testing Together Mode


Microsoft Teams will now segment the faces using AI and bring everyone together. There should be at least need 4 participants from same tenant to enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams. Together mode stays greyed out until we get the 4th participant joined the call. The gallery view can fit up to 49 users at present.


In addition - Dynamic View, Large gallery view, Live reactions, video filters are also features of new meeting experience



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Great info, @Jason_Prabhu 

My colleagues and I tested this out today. There were five of us but the together mode was still greyed out. Not sure what we were doing wrong?

I do not have the Turn on New Experience in Teams. Teams is up to date. 







@Jason_Prabhu   - how to update teams to the newest version? 

@Jason_Prabhu I don't see this option in my Team Settings - I have updated to the latest version but it doesn't show up. 

@DocLadd We are having the same issue. But are getting nowhere with Microsoft Support on this.

Hello together,


in my Teams the together mode ist greyed out. If I make a meeting with 12 persons it is also greyed out. 

I have the latest version and in the settings I do not have the option "Turn on new meeting experience".

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?



We have the same problem.

It is really annoying that Microsoft keeps sending communications which do not match reality with their products.



I don't see it either...


The message from Microsoft says end of May.


"Removal of the Preview label:

  • Standard release will begin at the end of May and complete by early June.
  • GCC will start in early June and complete by early July."

@Jason_Prabhu Does this work on a Mac... I don't see the option in settings?

best response confirmed by Jason_Prabhu (Brass Contributor)

@TJ_Shembekar Yes, you'll need to have 4 people in the meeting, then the view menu is now at the top left of the meeting window (it moved there instead of under the ... as mentioned in this 2 year old thread).

Great info thx so much