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I am using Teams in an education setting. 

Here is my issue:

I used to extensively use google products at my previous workplace. I used to be able to conduct assignments online and check authenticity of assignments returned usng the draftback feature in google docs which allowed me to see how a document was actually typed and built through. I could identify if students were cipying and pasting in which case an entire report would appear within seconds (using roll back).

I am wondering if there is any such feature in Ms_Word documents assigned via teams.


Many thanks!!

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Not that I know of.
If I were one of your students and found that you were doing this, I'd cut and paste from notepad just to show you how bad of an idea that was

@Ed Woodrick 


Then you'd fail the assignment as you wouldn't be following the task requirements and you'd be accused of using AI to complete your work. You sound like one of those students who thinks they're smarter than the teacher when in reality, you're far from it.

I look at the version history. In my syllabus this year, I will explicitly require a version history. 


If I suspect AI, I talk the the student and require they tell me about their response. I mean, they need to be able to deeply engage and defend their position. 


I'm teaching proper use of AI this year though.