Desktop as the default app for opening files not available

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I would like to use the desktop app as the default way to open files within teams but when I go to change the setting I only get the option to use teams or the browser. The option for the desktop app does not even appear. Has anyone seen this before or does anyone have any suggestions? 

Thank you!

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Hi! Are you using Office 2016 or above version? Make sure to be logged in to the office apps with the same account Try do a logout of Teams and log back in Adam
Are you using the Desktop or Web Client? I recall to have seen this behavior but only in the Web Client, not in the Desktop

I have the same on our tenant (as well as all the other users)
The options in the "File open preference" are exclusively showing Browser and Teams (not desktop app) on both Teams desktop client or Teams web client.
I tried to clear Teams cache, I tried to use the public preview...
I have office 365 E3 and I am logged in with the same account.
What can we do?