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I created a new project in Planner using "Use an existing plan from this team".  After it created the project, it named it with the same name as the original with a (1) after the name.  I renamed the project and remove all of the existing tasks, since I wanted to start clean.  However, it not only removed them from the new project but it also removed them from the original project I made the new one from.  I think that that behavior is amazingly ridiculous, however... My question is: is there anyway to recover the deleted tasks from the original?

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When you select “use from existing” you just add the same plan, hence deleting something from it will delete it everywhere else that plan is used. You can create a new one (the other option) or use the copy plan feature! Read my blog post about how to do this here:


Adam, thanks for the reply.  I get that now.  My question is, is there anyway to recover the tasks that were deleted?

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Sorry, missed that last thing :)
No, you can’t unfortunately


Not what I wanted to hear.  That is a real miss in design.  You do something, especially something like deleting, and not have a way back is a major miss.


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Yeah, it’s a missing feature for sure but I’m sure it’s coming! Please go vote here:

We had a glitch where Teams dialogue box popped up indicating unable to load or connect and when our admin refreshed the entire project task with all history was deleted...this is a huge problem. It's already a problem if a human deletes a project accidentally, a totally different animal when the "teams" software glitches and the resulting outcome deletes user data. This undelete should not be considered a feature. It should be considered as part of the framework.
Btw, the is no longer available. I guess we have to use feedback hub