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Teams CPU usage is killing my system. Can somebody, please share a tentative timeline by when a permanent solution will be provided.  I mean, I cannot be expected to waste time deleting the cache and/or restarting Teams several times during a working day.

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This is a known issue as several feedbacks including this one:


High CPU/GPU/Power usage · Community (


Microsoft are working on performance, and lots of us MVP's are involved with feeding back to improve it all the time. In addition, Teams 2.0 - which is already in Windows 11 for consumer - is being worked on which should bring significant performance improvement. This is expected to arrive sometime in 2022/early 2023


Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron for Edge Webview2 - Tom Talks


In the immediate short term there isn't a great amount you can do to dramatically alter things. However, you can try a few things outlined here such as disabling GPU hardware acceleration and read receipts


Fix Microsoft Teams high memory and CPU usage issue (


And you can keep the desktop client updated to the latest, or even switch out to the web version using the latest EDGE browser at It could also be to do with your existing hardware. I am running a Surface Laptop 4 with Win 11 OS and it works pretty sweet, but before this I was using a Surface Laptop 2 Win 10 and it was increasingly lagging, often 100% CPU usage with blue screening every 3/4 days particularly in meeting when sharing screen. So this could be a good opportunity to get a new piece of kit 


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