Couldn’t open a chat box when searching for a specific name in TEAMS.

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  • Description: All Teams User couldn’t open a chat box when searching for a specific name in teams search area, where we are selecting a user form suggested list in search result area but teams is not opening a chat window for that user.

We still can search by name but without selecting from suggested list, we can hit enter and then go the search result on left side under  people sub-tab.

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Can’t seem to replicate this. If I search for a user in the command bar, several suggestions come up when I start typing. Clicking one of the users opens up a chat window.

What version are you running?
Same result in web client?


Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit).

same issue exists on Teams web and application.


We have recently changed SMTP domain suffix and hence teams users has been changed as it depend on email address synced to AzureAD, but not sure if this gonna affect the address book for whole organization somehow as this has been done since more that 7 days.