Could I get the Teams user's status messages by API?

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Could Microsoft Graph API or other alternative way to get the Teams user's status messages and Online status, or activity log about those?

the message users usually set "Out of office...."

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Hello @Eric_Chen


Yes you can. The API is still in beta but already very promising. 
I tested it myself and it worked for me.

I hope that helps.


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@Rolf-42 looks like this provides presence (Available vs away) but not the status message (At lunch until 2pm).  Would love to be able to get the message. 


Alternatively, can we get their outlook out of office?


I too would like to be able to get the 'Status Message' from a Teams User. I cannot see this anywhere in the documentation. Is it something that will be implemented in the future?

Anyone figure out how to do this yet?
It seems that's just impossible.
There is a feedback item requesting CRUD access to the users Teams status message. You can upvote it here.

Status message is now available via the graph beta presence endpoint!!

but no.
OP wants to get status message. Your link is about setting status message.
oh sorry. There is an article "Set user status message" and they tell how to get user status message in the end of it.