Connectors in GCC

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I am trying to a connector to my team.  I have enabled connectors in tenant and teams.  When I click on Connectors it starts to load then pops up this error. 

Connectors have been disabled for client - SkypeSpaces.


Does anyone know what I need to do?  thx



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Hello @HmeltonAppDev I found a similar entry on our technical support site.  If this doesn't solve your issue, you may want to open your own ticket on Answers.


Not sure about the OP but I have the same issue and on a GCC account. We don't even have the option. 


Would love to find out how to turn the Microsoft Apps on. 

@RBGV1   Please open a ticket at  Thank you.

Now on the Search Roadmap for September 2022 - "Microsoft Graph Connectors that allow to index third-party content into Microsoft Graph to enable intelligent experiences like Microsoft Search will be available in Government Community Cloud (GCC)"