Chat search freezes

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I have a very long chat stream over the last year with my partner.  We can no longer use the search function because it freezes/crashes Teams at this point.  Is there a way to archive that chat and start a fresh thread with the same person so we can use the search function again?  thanks

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Interesting. I have had long lasting chats and I haven't had issues with that.
I know this sounds like a "have you tried to turn it off and on" but I would start trying to clear out Teams cache and reinstalling Teams client.

Or does that happen with web Teams as well?
I have a similar issue. Teams crashes when trying to open search results from more than a year ago and it becomes dead slow (to an extent where killing the thread is the most productive course of action) if trying to open up something from half a year ago... So ... if you want to use Teams, use it for down-the-drain messages.