[CHANNELS] Post Order - Use Top Down (Recent -Old)

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  1. Display post top-down using recent - old (cfr Outlook)
  2. Pin to the top (cfr Outlook)


Currently the ordering of the posts is bottom up, with the most recent post at the bottom.

This is confusing and it deviates from other apps with similar functionalities (fb, twit,...). The use of the team channel to convey important information fails, as users are acustommed to find recent information on top.  I do not understand why MS Teams has adopted another apporach than commonly used is similar applications. Why did you not adhere to your own methodologies: outlook is top-down. Pls use consistent approaches in your apps. Do check the MS-outlook on ordering and pinning post (emails).






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That's actually the experience of the new "reimagined" channels, which are slowly rolling out across the various deployment rings. You can read more about it here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams-blog/enhance-collaboration-with-microsoft-tea...

@VasilMichev so there is no way to change this back? I am unsure as to why MS would force sorting of posts in a channel. I have never used any chat where the posts were bottom up and it has been an issue since it launched for me. Especially where the chats are still top to bottom. 

@IrisU1470 This is confusing and it deviates from other apps with similar functionalities (fb, twit,...).


No it doesn't. Facebook, Twitter and Outlook aren't Instant Messaging apps. SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger all work Bottom Up with your new messages at the bottom.


My Teams has just switched to Top Down and it's now acts unlike any other Instant Messaging app. It was already a consistent approach.


It's also confusing because Chats are still Bottom Down.

@bradavon Agreed. Top down is awful and inconsistent in app. At least give us a setting to choose!



I concur. This behavior is an atrocity as replies to a post in channel are still newest at bottom, but the order of the posts themselves are new at top.  And chats are still newest at bottom meaning this is very inconsistent.  Also, choice is power. This is a very easy checkbox under settings and they couldn't be bothered to give it to us.

@VasilMichev users should have a choice in how they like their experience, especially for something they've been using for years.

Why is this being forced on all users? This is atrocious. No change management here. Can we please switch this back or give us the option for sorting preference?

Second that. Using this app is a chore and now even more so. Give us the options to set things up how we need it and stop forcing us to your freshest new ideas.

Yes, this is confusing, at least give option to change it.

The order of posts should be consistent between chat and teams channels.

"No it doesn't. Facebook, Twitter and Outlook aren't Instant Messaging apps. SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger all work Bottom Up with your new messages at the bottom."

Exactly this - It's the reason i'm not on twitter also, i hate the idea of reading something backwards - we read top down just like this thread on here so why force this any other way - we start at the top and scroll down naturally .. I hope they give us an option, currently back on the old version till they do

I actually do not understand how one could come to the conslusion that having completely different behavior between dirct/group chat and channels could be a good idea. It confuses people and reduces acceptance of the tool. Looking to the bottom bottom in one conversation and then to the top in the next one reduces productivity.

Also having the newest thread in a channel at the top but then the newest post to that thread at the bottom makes it even more unintuitive to ingest new information.

It would not be so bad if people were left with a choice (either channel owner defines it per channel or the user could set his preferred mode in the client), but forcing this new design on all users is really really awful. I already can see our users using more and more group chats instead of Teams channels in the future.

MS Teams Channels are NOT social media, they still are a messaging/chat tool and thus should behave like what people expect.

I work on a team of 90+ of tech support advisors, and we're all quick to try out new features, so we can be prepared for user questions. I've just implemented this on my Teams app using the toggle feature for "Try the new Teams" to test it out, as has more than half of my team. Some of us are able to return to the "old" version, while some of us cannot, myself included. 99% of us absolutely abhor this new top-down approach. This does NOT follow common IM standards, i.e., FB Messenger (not FB feed), WhatsApp, other Messages apps, etc. Email, (Outlook, as the op mentioned), is basically the ONLY exception, aside from other Social Media sites, as mentioned in other posts, which are also, not true IM apps. Also, with email, we have the option to sort our mail newest on top, or oldest on top. With this new Teams, we don't have that choice. If you want to provide a top-down approach to the messages, fine, but at least give us the option to choose if we want to use it.

Facebook, Twitter and Outlook are NOT chat-software.
Look at FaceBook Messanger, Twitter Direct Messages, and Outlook is an EMAIL client.


I love how our Microsoftie overlords have decided we will :hearteyes: this feature so much that there's zero need to include a feature-toggle under "Settings"!

I feel so seen!



Not being able to configure this option is an abhorrent design decision.
So . . . par for the course for Microsoft :\
This is perhaps my most hated enforced Microsoft change since the Windows 11 enforced central Start menu, which they've now thankfully allowed an option on. Please, MS, at the very least give an option - this is an awful UX for a messaging solution, even worse that it is inconsistent btw chat and channels.
Up until yesterday, I was able to opt out of the bonkers change to channel display order by disabling "Try the new Teams".

I must be in the top 2% of global Teams users, using it as my primary method of communication for work, with thousands of messages and replies sent each month.

For the last 6 months, I have made it my personal mission to try and route conversation to happen in Teams channels, instead random direct messages, and group messages, as the Teams channels are the only way in Teams where you can keep track of threads and link to conversations.

With this forced change - from conversations to social media "posts" - Microsoft has invalidated every conversation I have had for work.

I just can't see any hope in coping with complexities of my job without an effective asynchronous communication tool with broad buy-in from my colleagues, and I just can't see how I can use Teams for this purpose with this forced, senseless change.

The only conversations I'll be having on Teams until functionality is restored, is how to find an alternative communication tool.
How can I revert back? I use multiple Instant Messaging apps (Slack, Discord, Teams) and it is insanely confusing to have Teams work backwards to common convention.