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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Channel stopped linking to email attachments

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As of March 12, 2021, Teams has stopped doing something we relied on.  When someone needs to order supplies, they fill out a form.  That form then sends an email with an attached PDF to a Teams Channel.  On March 11, that Channel would display a link to the attached form.  As of March 12, that is no longer happening.  I tested sending attachments using other methods.  The attachment will show up in an email folder, but the link we used to get in the post no longer appears.  Also, we have noticed that the icon is no longer displaying an envelope.  Instead, is it a B in a blue hexagon.  We would really like to get those links back.  Any ideas?

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Hi, really difficult to assist here as one must understand the scenario and underlying flow as well. Perhaps something to do with the channel address. If you suspect a routing issue you can always perform a message trace. I think you're better of reaching out to the official support to be honest. If you are not an admin yourself they can assist with that.


We have the same issue, since last Friday (March 12th) - no changes have been made from our side.

Hi, have you created a ticket with the official support as suggested above?
We have this exact same issue. This happens for staff members emailing a channel when they are not a member of the Team that the Channel is in. The temporary solution we have found for now is to add them as a member to the Team they are emailing into.

Same here.
In addition to that the symbol for in coming mails in a channel changed from a mail symbol to a "B", maybe for bot.



I had the same issue.  This is happening because an untrusted user is sending to the Teams channel.  If you go to the Sharepoint site and add the user to it. The proper envelope icon will show up again.  We resolved ours by routing the messages to a trusted mailbox, then had that mailbox forward the messages to the Teams channel in question. 

In our case I couldn't add a user, since the emails were sent by a system account of our phone system (voicemails). It also works again if you add trusted domains in the email settings of the channel.

The issue just resolved itself. We are now again able to see the attachment links.
Glad to hear that. Thanks for the update!



Here 2. Problem resolved itself. So, Microsoft was working on something and no statement??!!


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Hi, there has been updates as always in Message center (only for admins though). Also on Twitter. But from there it’s a brief status update with the MC numbers. Even when things are ”restored” or ”resolved” it usually takes some time for everything to sync, hence your experience.
I checked the service health and the message center. i found nothing related to the issue. yesterday there was an incident at the health center but related to authentication.

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Yeah, I meant the service health of course. You need to look at "history" as they are no longer active. At least not the "multiple M365 services" which caused me some issues in Teams, the one not even being able to sign in the worst part. Got fixed quite fast though.

It stopped working again - since about 13:00 CET Teams stopped adding attachments to the channel. The channel is configured to accept mails from 3 domains - no change has been made.


Same here. All senders are allowed.




...and today it is working again. No changes from our side.