channel name is already taken

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I'm running into an error creating a Channel in a team, if there is a Sharepoint folder with the Channel name. 



  • I create a folder in a teams's SharePoint Shared Documents folder called Channel1
  • In Teams I go to the team and I add a new Channel called Channel1

When I do I get an error saying "Channel name is already taken"


In my previous my past experience you could create the folder first and then the channel, is anyone running into this issue? 


NOTE: This channel did not exist before and was not deleted.


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@jackfight I still have the original experience, so maybe something else is going on?

  1. Create folder in SharePoint document library called "02 Channel"
  2. Added a word document to it
  3. Went to Teams and added a channel called "02 Channel"
  4. Clicked on the Files tab and it displayed my Word document

And you've already covered my suggestions... maybe it's a 'fix' that hasn't hit our tenant yet :see_no_evil_monkey:


@Robin Nilsson I was able to replicate the old behavior on different channel as well. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem. Maybe it's just another Office 365 gremlin that will never be explained. 

I'm having the same problem. Across different classes, sometimes it won't allow me to create teams with the same name, but this is part of my structure.
Also, is it possible to create one team with channels and assignments and use this as a template to create other teams? I'm finding that you can't take channels or assignments across from the template. Anyone else have this glitch?