Can't share screen on Teams

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Hi, I have just downloaded the Teams App and am unable to share my Powerpoint on the Share Screen option. Do you have any suggestions?

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@melanie1999 Hi, could be a setting in the Teams admin portal that needs to be toggled on "Allow PowerPoint sharing".


This is the associated support page for sharing content in a Teams meeting

Hi thanks for your help. I have given permission on my Mac but it is still not allowing me to share.

@melanie1999 Are you signed into an organization, that is not using Teams free, when using Teams? If so it could be a policy setting as mentioned in my previous reply. I have no experience using Teams on Mac so cannot give any further suggestions.

I am also having this problem. I get a spinning circle and nothing happens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled microsoft and I have also signed out of MS teams completely on all my devices and then signed back in. Nothing is working. @ChristianBergstrom 

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@EFWalker This worked for me - it was a privacy setting on my MacBook Air - this should resolve it for you too! 

@EFWalker  I work for GE and use teams everyday. I have had the issue of not being able to share content because of the spinning circle several times.  Usually when it happens it will happen all day and rebooting or reloading will not help.   

Oh my god, thank you very much!

@Gabriella365 - that did the trick for me - thank you!!

If you haven't try Gabriella365's fix... it just worked for me.

Click the Apple menu.
Then, go to System Preferences > Click Security & Privacy > Privacy tab.
Click Screen Recording.
Click the lock icon to make changes.
If required, enter your admin password.
Finally, click the checkbox next to Microsoft Teams.
A notification window will ask you to restart it. Agree.
Then, try again and see if the issue persists.
I have quite similar issue. My user just need to disconnect an reconnect to the meeting and he is able to share the screen. What could be the reason for this? This has happened 3rd time. Need help on this please..


thank you. this was very helpful!

Thank you so much! I was able to resolve the issue so easily following your instructions, considering the fact i consider myself as technologically challenged.@christie2280 

Thank you! I worked just fine :)