Business Voice Number does not wotk without the country code (+1)

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We have a business voice number setup with auto attendant configuration for our company's main line. The issue we have is that inbound calls only works with the country code (+1) is included when dialing. It works like configured with auto attendant.


When dialing the number without the country code (+1), the dialer gets a message "The number you have received is not in service. This is a recording."


I have been trying to look for the configuration, searching articles without any avail. Hoping somewhere on this group can help! 

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I asume that you are located in USA or Canada (+1 countries). When you call the Auto Attendant without +1, do you call from an external phone like mobile phone then?

If the number you assigned to your Auto Attendant is +1-555-12345 and you dial 555-12345 from your mobile phone it is that carrier that you use for your mobile phone that should add +1. If you dial 555-12345 from Teams, Teams will add +1.