bug report for Teams (Mic not picking up sound in dual mic configuration)

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Hi Teams Developers,


I would like to report a bug please.


Teams will not not hear anything from a microphone if using a device with a mic array with 2x mics.


This is the standard configuration in a Dell Precision 5720 AIO PC. It has 2x mics joined as 1x mic (Realtek) in device manager and Teams does not hear it. 


We have several of these Precision 5720 AIO PC's an all have the same problem the past 2 years.


It is somewhat driver related as if we block the Realtek driver from installing and have "2x Microphone  High Definition Audio Device" in device manager, Teams works fine.  See device manager image attached with drivers versions.


However if we remove the Realtek block and let it install the Realtek drivers from Windows update, Teams can no longer hear the mic yet all other Microsoft microphone recording apps like Skype or the built-in Voice Recorder app work fine. Perhaps you can take a look at the mic recording code they use and use the same code in Teams?


Thank you



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Please click the help icon in the bottom left of the client and click "Give feedback"

You can also raise this as a uservoice here: