Browser and desktop app not showing a new team that I am a member of

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I create a new private team today and added some users to it. They said that it doesn't show up in the list of teams in the browser (Edge or Chrome) nor in the desktop app. I tested it with a test user and had the same experience. I deleted the users and re-added them as members. That didn't work. I deleted them and generated a code and had them use it. It appeared briefly but when I refreshed the browser, it disappeared again. It is not hidden.


Anyone experienced this? Anyone have any idea what is going on?

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How did you create the Team? If you did anywhere other than Teams, there is usually a pretty long lag, before everything gets setup properly.

@Chris Webb 

I created it in TEAMS using the Create or Join link, etc. I've never had a lag before or since with other new TEAMS. It seems to be related to this one....maybe...? Is there a setting that can cause it to not display for its members? This TEAM has several guests; could that impact something somehow?


Interestingly enough, the other owners are able to access it; I am double checking with other members. Could there be an issue/diff between being an owner and member for some reason? I am checking with the other members to see if they have had any problems. I am also checking with other TEAMS owners (for TEAMS I've created since creating the one referenced here) to see if they have had any issues with their members' displays.


I tested by promoted my test user from member to owner and the TEAM immediately popped up in my user's list in its TEAMS app! When I demoted the user back to member, the TEAM remains in the list.

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I did not find any other instances or assistance on this from others who have experienced it. So, I deleted the TEAMS etc. and created a new one using the same method as I did for the first one. It seems to be working fine so the problem must have been caused by an incomplete creation process on the first one of some kind. The only casualty was the URL which followed our naming convention. I couldn't delete the site permanently since it was TEAMS (had to wait the 30 day period) so I had to 'fudge' the naming convention a little to be able to create a new one.

I have the same issue but it's not an option to recreate the group since it is used for important internal communication... so there is already conent which would be lost... 


Does anybody have any idea?

@Baenky: I have a very similar problem. I found out that the Team is showing up immediatly (in Browser and Teams Application) if I turn the user from a normal member to owner in Teams Admin Center.


When I change the owner back to member, the Team dissapears again... :)


I'll open a MS support ticket



@Lisa StebbinsHi there, 


I was having a similar issue. I was added to a team from an outside organisation, but it wasn't showing up. The way I fixed it is by clicking my organisation name in the top-righthand corner and selecting the other organisation. Hopefully that helps!

The same problem. The user has created the team through SharePoint  https://<tenant>


the client cannot find the team name among teams in MS Team App or browser. I've added myself as an member and then owner and have the same problem.

Same problem.


Its hard enough managing external guest users.... but the fact its not a TEAM in thier TEAM list makes the whole TEAM principle completely pointless. WTH


Sort it out please. Unberlievable.

I have the same problem with several missing Teams when using the GRID Teams view.
However if I switch view to LIST, I can see all the missing teams !
After a bit more investigation, It seems it is Staff Teams that cannot be viewed in the GRID view whereas Class Teams can be seen in both GRID and LIST