Best practices in Teams Planner data to Team Resource estimates / Weekly planner

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I'm reaching out to get inspired in best practices and examples how to use data from Teams planner to get a Team weekly or even more long term resource estimate on individual level.

We have all tasks in planner and each task is distributed to one or several assignes in the team.

But once a week we would like to get a daily overview on which tasks every indivdual team member is working on  day-by-day.

We have structured "Scrum-like" planning in Teams planner and I like the setup for our daily discussions, but for resource estimation a more calendar or weekly view on individual level would be interesting. 

I've searched and I don't believe I will get the overview I'm looking for within Teams Planner, so I'm personally leaning towards exporting the Teams Planner data to excel every monday morning and then have and excel template running through our current activities in planner to "make" this calendar/weekly resource view.

The overview should contain Team Members listed in every row on first column and then the top row contains dates, days for coming 2-3 months.

The main objective with the overview would be to get kind of a working schedule for coming days and see what individuals are booked each day and what individuals are available for urgent extra tasks or seems to be totally overbooked.

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Have you had any luck in your search for the best practice for team resource estimates?