Audioconferencing : Full or Dial-In

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Can someone summarize the real differences between those two licences : Audioconferencing Full and Audioconferencing Dial-In ?

I read the following article without finding explanation on the capabilities of each one. Audio Conferencing in Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Can someone help me ?

Thanks a lot in advance, have a great day

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I believe that the difference is the obvious. If you want to dial in, you need the dial in service. If you are going to access via the internet, you don't
Hello Ed,
Thanks a lot for your answer. I think it is the beginning of a full one.
I ask this question because, today, when you register to a "Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3" licence, the "AudioConferencing (Dial-In Only)" add-in licence is included.
If you register for a "Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5" licence, the "AudioConferencing (Full)" add-in licence is included.
I want to really know what functionnalities are different between both.
Thanks again in advance