Assign Multiple Phone Numbers to a Single User?

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Hello.  I am wondering if there is a way to assign more than one phone number to a single user much like you can make several e-mail addresses for them. Is this possible?



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No that is not possible. You can do some workarounds.


- If you are using Direct Routing you can in your SBC re-route the call. So if you have the number +15551234 assigned in Teams, you can in the SBC configure so that calls to +15559876 is forwarded to +15551234.


- You could create a Call Queue in Teams and assigned the extra number +15559876 to that queue and add your user as an agent. Not the nicest solution, but it works.


- Create an extra user that forwards calls (requires an extra license).


Also, there is an uservoice request for multiple numbers for users. Vote for that and spread the word about it.

@Linus Cansby Thanks very much.  I think the call queue might be the best solution for me.


I appreciate the response.

@Linus Cansby I am a bit late to the party, but is PrivateLine not available in Teams as it is in Skype for Business? Ultimately, the PowerShell for managing such attributes connects to Skype for Business Online.

@christh0mas Does this solution mean you have to switch the phone numbers from User numbers to Service numbers?


Many thanks

I'm also new to the game and have a need and not sure to work around it. We are moving from Vonage.


When the virtual assistant answers and the the called requests me in one two ways I don't know how to handle it.


I have a staff of 7 people - if the caller wants to reach me (Rick) they get the option and it goes to my account and either rings me or they leave a voice mail.


Option 2 - if the caller is in an emergency and presses 9 for after hours emergency response - MOST of the time it will also come to my phone (cell) but at times I have it go to another employee to cover me.  I don't know how to set something like this option up so it can be moved to different people ro better yet - if it sends the call to my phone it distinguishes itself between a regular caller and and an emergency must answer call.


Any idea how to set this up?


@Linus Cansby 02.2021, is it still the only solution ? 


Do we really have to use the chat tab to see the different numbers assigned to someone ?


Can't we see the same information using the calling tab ?


Can't we define diffent phone numbers ourselves and reach the one of our choice ? 


Is that too complicated to implement, when others clients, even Lync 2010 is able to handle that ? 

@Linus Cansby 


here we are 2.5 years later and it seems it is still not an available option. Your work arounds do not help with outbound caller id for a user with two numbers because they work in two different offices in two different cities. This also does not help with e911 or being able to choose which location caller id is sent.