Anonymous vote during a call for specific users with some outside organization

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I am looking for a solution to a more general setting, which I have encountered many times in different comities. Firstly, note that due to some policies we are forced not to use what our IT called 'cloud mailbox', so the most common solution I have seen (use Calendar and Polls) cannot be used, as Calendar is not available. 


For illustration a specific situation: last part of a dissertation defense at my Uni is an anonymous vote of the defense committee. It will be increasingly common that some members (usually opponents) will be foreign and will participate via Teams call. Participants of the call are the organizer, committee (internal and external), and other guest viewers (internal and external). The organizer should be the one starting and ending the vote, only the committee should be able to vote. The vote is anonymous, a single Yes/No answer. 

If there were no external members of the board, we could use Forms for "specific people in your organization". We could use the "Anyone can respond", but then we would have to further check that everyone voted. Otherwise, however improbable, one might have voted twice and another one not at all and we would never know. 

Is there a solution applicable exclusively in the Call (from the POV of the committee members)?

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Lukáš Mrazík
University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

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When you're in a Teams meeting are you able to add apps? You could add the Polls app during the meeting if you don't have access to edit the meeting in Teams beforehand.