Animated GIF are not working in Microsoft Teams Snippet Previews

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When Microsoft Teams (no matter desktop or web) creates a preview of an URL (the snippet), if in the metatags the image is an animated gif, the result is corrupted (there's "dirty vanishing snow" in the first frames)


Microsoft Teams is using this internal service to create that thumbnail:{the_url_of_the_gif}


And no matter the GIF I tried, all of them results in a corrupted preview:


I don't know the methods used in that "Thumbnail" method because it's a private API of Skype (part of Microsoft).


Does anyone know how to solve this?


I do need to use GIF for URL preview. I know I could code an extension an create my own kind of snippet, but it's not applicable, I can not tell users to install any extension.


I'd like to solve the GIF conversion corruption this API method could have ... maybe it's something about the headers of the GIF, or the palette, or ...


Any ideas ?


More examples:

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