Am seeing real-time notifications but Teams is slow to show chats



I am a consultant and am setup as Guest on a dozen client/tenants with Teams. I have noticed two recent changes in Teams behavior.

  1. Regardless of which tenant I am connected to, I see real-time popup notifications (on both PC and phone) from other tenant chats. (This is a GOOD thing!)
  2. I have several different PCs going at the same. It's not unusual for chats to not update on all machines. Sometimes I need to restart Teams for the chats to show all current messages. I've taken to running Teams from within Edge to alleviate this problem.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

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@Jeffery Hallett same on here, for about 2 days on version (64-bit).

I am having what I think is a similar issue. I am set up on two Teams sites, and many times a day I flip back and forth between the two. Lately every time I switch over I stop getting updates (any chat messages, reactions, posts) on the desktop. Teams still works on my mobile phone, so I see the notifications there and that's how I know I am not getting updates on my computer. Every time I have to quit and restart teams, but then as soon as I flip to another client site the same issue starts again. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Teams desktop and it still did not help.