Allows users to move or hide the Teams Share Content Toolbar

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The Teams Share Content Toolbar (You're sharing your screen) in Teams Meeting prevents users from adding or closing browser tabs. There is no way to hide it, unpin, it or move it.


The Teams Share Content toolbar should be programmed like the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol toolbar. This toolbar allows you to click, drag and slide it out of the way or hide it, when you are viewing a remote computer screen.

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Agree this is a must have. This toolbar blocks browser tabs so you cannot easily or effectively present content.
This is a must have. Teams would level up the other applications in the space if this feature was implemented.

Hi guys, I do hate this as well ! Please dev, add a keyboard short cut like ctrl shift H to hide that **bleep** meeting controls that prevent switching between tabs.


TIPS : I use the shortcut ctrl+1 , 2 ,3 ,4 to switch between tabs, not ideal but does the job. 

Adding my vote as well that we need this feature for Teams. I have many users getting frustrated by the inability to move the toolbar, including myself.
I wholeheartedly agree with you! It's very distracting when trying to present a live demo and you have jump between tabs.



I just learned the trick today actually from a colleague named Brad ;)

When presenting, hit ALT+F4 to remove the bar while presenting.
Note this is sharing session based so not permanent.


hope this helps!

This sounds like a troll, but it actually works! Select the toolbar, then ALT+F4. OMG! Thank you :D