adding guests to a Team

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The following happens and i cannot explain why:


setup a Team, prive Team, add 2 owners, myself and another Active Directory owner. Sharing at org level is on. At Azure level several domains are trusted.


After adding the private Team, i can add members out of the trusted domain by entering the complete emailadress and then the option appears in Teams to add that user **bleep** guest. 

The problem is: the other owner cannot add the same user as guest to that Team, he cannot add any user from outside our AD, He is owner however just like me.

What can be the difference?


Ik have added other owners and they also cannot add those external users by entering the full emailadress. They only can add those users when they are already invited as guest thru Azure but not when the are only in the trusted domains and not already a guest in Azure....


I have made another Team as test and added again several owners. Nothing changes...they cannot add and i can emailadresses as guest outside of the organisation.

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Can it be that you are an org admin? (global admin etc) and the setting in Azure is that members cannot invite under external collaboration settings. If so, this makes perfect sense

@adam deltinger no i am not an admin, just a member of Azure and Office 365. When i do admin activities i am logging in as another user, an admin user.


I do not have more rights then the other owners. I have never had this before. Other departments making there own Teams and there are no problems.


BUT the difference can be that i have made a Ooffice 365 group creators group with severl heads in it. In Azure i configured a policy that only members of that group can make Office 365 groups. How ever when the Team is made by me and not by the other owners this has nothing to do with adding member to a Team or maybe there is a link?


Hmm sounds strange indeed. Can you upload a screenshot of the azure settings for external collaboration? group creation ability and inviting guests are not connected as far as I know.

Are you also saying that other in the org can invite guests except from the ones you created? How did you create the teams?


@adam deltinger I make te Team on the admin centre, add a Team and there i also add the owners..




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Change "members can invite" to yes.

Without this set to yes, no other than admins can invite. And neither should you if you are not. Members here include owners of teams as well

@Adam deltinge Hi Adam, we do not want to let members adding members but only the owners, therefor i have made a security group 036 which can make  Teams and invite.

Without this setting only owners van invite and not members? , bytheway, why can i add members, i am just an owner like the other?





If it's a private Team only owners can add members, members can request other people to be added, but that needs to be approved by an owner.


As to why it works I'll guess that either you must have a suitable admin team, or maybe these guests already exist in your tenant?