When clicking on notifications, Teams preview incorrectly opens the chat in a new window

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This is a long standing defect in the preview client that has existed since launch.


When a new chat message notification appears (i.e. windows notification) and I click on the notification to go to the chat, but instead of going to the chat in the teams main window, it spawns a new pop out chat window.  I have the "Open new chat in" option set to "Main window".  The expected behavior would be to open the chat using the user preference, which in my case is Main window.


The result of this incorrect behavior is if I click on the notification (out of habit because thats what notifications are for) then it pops a new window which I then have to close, after which I manually pop the main window and then find the chat in question.  This defeats the entire point of the notification which is quick access to the chat in question.  


Its incredibly obnoxious.  Theres also a bug in the teams feedback that flags this as expected behavior which is not correct.

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Thanks for reaching out about the issue with Teams preview. I totally get how annoying it is when clicking on chat notifications opens a new window instead of going to the main Teams window.

But guess what? Our team  knows about this long-standing defect and we're on it! We're working hard to fix it ASAP and give you a better experience. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I am extremely pleased to report that I got an update for teams preview with a new option for opening notifications in either new window or main window. I set it to use Main Window and things are working as expected so far.

Big thanks for fixing this as it was a huge pain.

@edevcn , where is this magical setting??? This would save a lot of daily cussing on my part if I can get this working. I'm using this version:


You have Microsoft Teams version 23190.500.2225.2952.
You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 7/24/2023.
The client version is 49/23070902137.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

@DotNetCoderDFW You'll find it in the 'General' section of your settings under 'Open new chat in'




I'm sorry, but the setting doesn't work for me for the chat's opened from mail notifications. Even if I choose "Main window", the "Go to conversation" link in the mail still opens in a new window. Is there any fix available for this?

@Alina_Maria Hmm that one, I'm not sure, sorry. It could be the way it's handling deeplinks from emails. 


Best to give feedback via the Help menu if you think it needs to be resolved.