New Teams Preview -> Experience disabled

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i want to try the New Teams Preview, but iam not able to Login. - We Using a OnPremise AD, and Syncing to Azure AD. - If i Login to the New Teams Preview we Receive this Message:


Experience disabled

Your account needs to be provisioned. Please check out to troubleshoot.




In Teams Admin we have enable "Show Preview" to Yes.


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Hi Marcel, 

Many thanks for your feedback! I assume, that you've opened a new Microsoft Teams (Preview) app which is pre-installed on Windows 11. If that's the case, you need to sign-in with your personal Microsoft account (for example:, because Work or School accounts i.e. organizational accounts like those from AAD are currently disabled in this preview version.
In order to use your Organizational account (Work or School account), you will have to install side by side Microsoft Teams app from My account ( or ask your IT to provision it for you. If that's enabled by admin, you will also get preview features related to Work or School accounts there. 

Please let us know if this helped.

Many thanks.

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@Vladimir Juhas 


thank you for the Hints. - Iám the Globale Administrator of our Tendant. - But i cannot find out where i can Enable the new Preview, On the My account (  i can only download Office.. But there is no Info abount Teams.


i Have Installed the Preview Version of Teams on my Windows 10 PC, but i think i need the Info where in the Team Admin Center is can Enable this Version.


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Hi, thank you, on this step am already... :) - I can use the Public Preview version; but this is not the "New" Version that shipped with Windows 11.
( Team 2.0 that Based on Edge Webview 2) that i want to try with my Tendant... - But it seem thats it only avaible for consumer not for business accounts.

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If you mean the Teams that's integrated in win 11, then seems that we cannot login with business account yet. I have tried it before as I am in win 11 beta. Hopefully when win 11 is available for public, we can use business account with win 11 native Teams app to full functionality.

yes exactly ;)
hi there, is there a Update... ? - I checked out the latest Preview but it still false. :)

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