Update! The new Meekan App for Microsoft Teams
Published Oct 22 2018 01:48 PM 16.3K Views

Meekan is probably one of the world’s smartest AI scheduling assistants, matching everyone’s calendars in seconds to help - even for the busiest teams - find the best time to meet.
So spare yourself the endless emails. Spend your time on work that matters without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.
Meekan is free to use and is now fully developed with Team’s new Adaptive Cards, to support your cross-device scheduling work in Microsoft Teams.


Meekan understands plain English making it a breeze to ask for a new meeting, invite guests and get the perfect time, just like a real scheduling assistant.

The best way to see the benefit from using Meekan is by getting your team to connect with it as well. That way, the bot can match and sync with everyone's calendars to find the best time for you to meet, find meeting rooms for you, and much more.


Also, one of the coolest things Meekan can do is learn from your scheduling habits and preferences to suggest the best times while considering those preferences. 

So how does Meekan work?

  1. Ask: Request a new meeting in plain English. Be as precise or vague as you want. Invite the whole team, or just yourself.
  2. Auto-match: Meekan’s advanced AI matches everyone’s available time, preferences and habits, and suggests the optimal time for your meeting.
    It even knows about time zone, and makes sure no one will have to wake up at 3am to make your meeting.
  3. Synced! The meeting is synced automatically to everyone’s calendars without ever leaving Microsoft Teams! - Just say: ‘@Meekan, we need a quick phone call tomorrow’, or ‘@Meekan, please arrange an all-hands meeting for tomorrow afternoon’, or even something like ’@Meekan, can you reschedule my 4pm to Wednesday?’
  4. Questions: You can also ask questions about your calendar: ‘Meekan, when am I free on Thursday?’, Or about other team members (of course, he asks for permission): ‘Meekan when is Dan free tomorrow?’. Keep in mind the bot learns new questions and phrases every day so this list is by no means exclusive.

Nobody wants to toggle back and forth between calendars or play email tag with all their colleagues. But giving up this kind of control can be a bit unsettling. This is why Meekan never takes an action without asking for permission, when it comes to scheduling security and privacy are always its top priorities. The privacy policy is weaved into the new onboarding flow and provides you with full clarity as to what Meekan has access to and how your information is completely protected.


In fact, Meekan’s updated version has also improved the messaging about its privacy policy and explains to the user right before it is connected what information will be accessed and what won’t. It also offers a full page with more information.



Meekan also provides you with more information if you’re interested:




Privacy is important for Meekan -  it’ll always ask for permission with sensitive scheduling tasks like asking to get someone’s availability, or introduce himself to new teammates:




Connect with your colleagues and peers stress free and lightning-fast.  Install Meekan now!


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