The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams as a Platform
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Today, businesses seeking to improve efficiency and deliver on customer commitments are instead struggling with the challenge of stand-alone applications that silo data, reduce employee productivity and hurt customer engagement.

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine how Microsoft Teams, as a unified communication and collaboration platform, is helping organizations empower employees, enhance efficiency, and address this challenge.

The result is The 2023 Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Teams. The Forrester study found a 291% ROI and net benefit value (NPV) of $35 million over three years with Teams.*


Microsoft Teams – Summary of ROI Impact

ROI Impact.png


Challenges Organizations Faced Prior to Teams

In examining the pain points that organizations faced prior to using Teams, several common themes emerged across organizations and industries. These were:

  • Operational Inefficiency. Organizations struggled with the time and expense of managing multiple, disconnected platforms to share data, communicate and collaborate.
  • Reduced Productivity. Constantly switching between apps wasted employee time and breaks down the “flow” of work.
  • Difficulty Collaborating. Employees working remotely found it difficult to effectively collaborate and communicate with multiple platforms and solutions.
  • Complexity. For frontline workers particularly, disconnected, standalone tools made regular, routine scheduling and task management unnecessarily complex and difficult.

Business Benefits From Teams

Based on their experiences using Teams, the organizations interviewed cited several critical areas where Teams helped drive business improvement. These included:

  • Communication and Collaboration. Teams made it easier for employees to share information with peers quickly and easily and align with colleagues across their organization.
  • Ease of Access. Teams simplified access for employees, particularly in the case of frontline workers, letting them access critical tasks, scheduling and other information more quickly and easily.
  • Efficiency. Using Teams let knowledge workers and frontline employees leverage business-critical apps that automate workflows and eliminate rote paperwork, improving efficiency.
  • Speed. Teams let organizations share critical information more quickly and efficiently, accelerating the speed of business.

In addition to the quantifiable benefits, Microsoft Teams also delivered an array of other benefits expressed in the quotes found throughout the study:

“Teams … is a super app because it does so many things. It’s not just [for] voice calls. It’s not just [for] video conferencing. It’s a true collaboration tool. Everything that you need is there … and now it’s integrating to all sorts of things, which makes it even more useful and powerful.” Senior director of digital workplace, manufacturing


By consolidating key functionality: chat, video, meetings, phone and applications in one seamless platform, Microsoft Teams improves collaboration and communication throughout the organization.

For those organizations facing the challenge of data silos and seeking to empower employees, The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Teams provides a virtual roadmap of how Teams can help streamline operations, improve efficiency and drive greater customer focus.


To learn more, download the study and find out how Microsoft Teams can help drive measurable results for your organization.


* Based on customer interviews, Forrester constructed a TEI framework, a composite company, and an associated ROI analysis that illustrates the areas financially affected. The composite organization is representative of the companies of the five customers that Forrester interviewed and is used to present the aggregate financial analysis. The composite organization is a global, multibillion-dollar company with a strong brand with 80,000 employees and revenues of $18 billion.


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