Teams On Air Q&A roundup: Teams + SharePoint for document sharing, storage and collaboration
Published Apr 17 2018 10:25 AM 23.7K Views

Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated with SharePoint in Office 365. For example, every team that you create gets a team site in SharePoint, allowing the team to share and store their files in an effective way.

In this week’s Teams On Air episode I host Mark Kashman.  Mark gives you an overview of how SharePoint connects with Microsoft Teams bringing in files, sites, news articles, pages, and lists.

We’ve rounded up all the questions from our live Q&A and included them below.


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4:38 Demo of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams integrations

10:13 Building dashboards with Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

14:01 SharePoint News in Teams

18:43 SharePoint list in Teams

21:21 Teams Tip: Stay on top of your chat messages

23:00 Roadmap update

26:25 Q&A


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Q: Just curious, why are we using Skype for Business to broadcast on a show about Teams, when Teams was supposed to replace Skype for Business? Is Teams not capable of doing this type of broadcast?

A: Hi, We are testing the new broadcast feature coming in teams later this quarter. We'll defiantly change and show off the new features in the upcoming months!


Q: When are Private Channels coming?

A: We don't have a specific date to share today, and our team has this on their radar to dig into beyond a private team (if you set your Office 365 group as private at provision time, or can set after provisioning, too; both are supported today).


Q: Does this Teams/SharePoint integration work with on-premises SharePoint as well?

A: At this time, you would need to be in a hybrid state, or pure Office 365. Note, much of the consistent experience is based on common authentication system. So it is possible to bring in most anything with a URL and if the user can authenticate. That said, much of what would come from on-premises is based on classic team site technology that wouldn't render as you see it in what I'm demo'ing.


Q: Any plans to add metadata and custom views to the SharePoint files view in Teams?

A: Hang on until the end where we talk a little about futures and know that we'll have more to share at the SharePoint Conference North America (Vegas May.21-23). Also, when you see what we do with Lists today (I demo this) you'll get a sense on where we are going to have the document library control be the same no matter where it's viewed from.


Q: When will teams support a picture viewer? Today we must open pictures one at a time.

A: This is under review for how document libraries work within the SharePoint team site UI, to bring this same "lightbox" capability to view a sequence of photos when opening them within the Teams UI. Today it's like you say, but if you try this in SharePoint natively today, you'll get a sense of what we're aiming for as a common experience no matter where you work with your files/photos


Q: Are the conversations inside a file in Teams stored or viewable in SharePoint?

A: Not yet. We've a few things we're noodling on, with some announcements coming for what we're doing next soon. We've a few ideas, and always good to hear the feedback that helps prioritization and voting up as we take note.


Q: Any way we can edit the SharePoint page while still in Teams?

A: Not quite yet. This is an area we'll invest in to make better - so you can do it as SharePoint allows/intends, but within the app of choice where you come across the content; if you own it and can edit it, then you should be able to.


Q: When will the Teams Admin Center rollout be completed for all tenants? We still don't see it.

A: It's rolling out through the month of April. Keep checking back


Q: What is the best practice when renaming Channels or folders with corresponding channel?

A: Good information architecture often leads with common naming practices - hopefully you establish the right patterns from the get go. And when you rename a channel, it's possible to rename the folder as well.


Q: Is it possible to save those news layouts so that we get consistency between pages?

A: Working on this one. We introduced custom site designs to do this at the site level, and we are working on the concepts of custom page designs :-). More to share soon...

Q: When will secured channels be available?

A: Definitely on our radar and we are working on it. Please check our roadmap for updates.



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