Quantifying the value of collaboration with Microsoft Teams

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We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study of Microsoft Teams to quantify the benefits of Microsoft Teams for organizations and employees. Forrester interviewed and surveyed over 260 customers using Microsoft Teams in a wide range of industries, spanning financial services to education. 


When asked, customers cited the following as challenges they face with their collaboration tools: 


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Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams. 


The study revealed that by empowering employees with Microsoft Teams, businesses can reduce the costs of collaboration, accelerate decision making, and improve the customer and employee experience. 


Microsoft-Teams-research-2.pngForrester study: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams. 


Key benefits for implementing Microsoft Teams 

The study uncovered 11 benefits for companies to consider as they evaluate Teams as a primary communication and collaboration tool. The top 4 benefits are: 


  • Teams reduces the total number of meetings and their duration. Online meetings conducted over Teams are reliable and of very high audio-video quality. As a result, employees spend less time addressing setup and call-quality issues, and more time interacting. The total time savings equal $6.9 million. 
  • Information workers save 4 hours per week from improved collaboration and information sharing. With Teams features like co-authoring, integrated file storage, and internal directory, information workers can effectively and efficiently collaborate in real time. The potential savings equal more than $14.3 million. 
  • Information workers save more than 1 hour per week by not having to switch between applications. Access to 3rd party and line-of-business apps inside Teams from any device benefits all workers, especially remote workers. This creates better employee cohesion and a common corporate culture across locations. The total savings are nearly $4.8 million. 
  • Having resources available online in Teams reduces downtime by 14.6%. When resources are available in one cloud-based location, downtime is reduced and complexity is lowered, making security and compliance easier. Compared to on-premise solutions, the time savings are worth $258,000 across information and Firstline Workers.  

Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact study of Microsoft Teams today and learn more about the measurable impact Teams can have for your organization. 


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So the solution is why we do not do this process in in Microsoft word in the program instead of being an external manual.


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