New! Interact with your Salesforce information with the Woobot App for Microsoft Teams
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With Woobot for Microsoft Teams, Organizations can now power their groups conversations with a set of self-service features, available natively in Microsoft Teams, to onboard sophisticated Salesforce notifications, share important customer data, and configure the solution to connect your teams with their important enterprise data so they can get things done.






How It Works


Adding Woobot to your Microsoft Teams Teams is very simple - you will be able to find the application in the Microsoft Teams App directory.




Getting to Work with Quick Actions


Quick actions allow users to access their important Salesforce CRM records and list views by interacting with Woobot directly in Teams using simple commands.



Through the bot menu, you can easily access the most used commands.



 Woobot offers several examples through their help command and personal Tab.



 The bot will let you to query your entities quickly through quick commands.



Smart Search


View, search and act on new leads, forecast with precision, and nurture important opportunities from creation to close. This global search utility brings all Salesforce data directly into Teams so users can drive their workflows forward and stay in context.


Woobot Message Extension let the user to search entities on any Team and Channel and share it with their colleagues to have powerful conversations in context!



The bot will also let you search specific entities using the advanced string matching techniques to look for the right record in context. 



Smart Notifications


Getting a notification every time a field updates could be very annoying. Woobot brings intelligence to deliver critical notifications to groups as they happen with criteria the Admin can define.






Smart Cards


Display important record details directly from within Teams. If teams can access it in Salesforce, Woobot can surface it, and Admins control what is editable.







Smart Dialogs


Allowing teams to view and update important Salesforce data based on the way they work is what it’s all about. Woobot will honor Salesforce security rules so users only see and update the data they have access to.





The Woobot Brain


Configuring notifications, cards, dialogs, what data fields to show and what’s editable is all powered by the Brain - a flexible self-service utility, available natively inside Teams, that allows

Admins to onboard sophisticated integrations and configurations customized to the way users work with their Salesforce data.





This is just the beginning of a broader narrative that unfolds as Admins enable groups to engage with their Salesforce data using Woobot!


What’s Next?


Now it’s time to experience the magic! Add Woobot to Microsoft Teams today!

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