New! Build a culture around company values and employee recognition with Disco for Microsoft Teams
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We are excited to announce the official launch of Disco (formerly known as Growbot) on Microsoft Teams. Disco helps companies that run on Microsoft Teams build stronger cultures, celebrate employee achievements and reinforce their core values without having to leave Microsoft Teams.   


Find the Disco app in our App Store!


Companies that use Microsoft Teams and Disco together are building a more connected, appreciated, and aligned workforce. On average, these organizations experience a 7% increase in their employee net promoter scores and a 31% reduction in voluntary employee churn!


To get the party started at your company, visit the Microsoft Teams App Store.


Here are several of the features that are available to Microsoft Teams customers that are down to Disco!




Company values with Disco

Integrate your company’s values with Disco to recognize teammates who exhibit your core values.  Disco Values helps mission driven companies socialize and reinforce the behaviors that you care about, all from within Microsoft Teams!  Companies that set-up their core values with Disco see more than 60% of their entire company using their core values with Disco within the first 30 days.


Learn more about how other companies are using Microsoft Teams and Disco to live and lead through their core values here.  




Disco points

Reward the right behaviors.  Disco’s ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ points are associated with kudos and values engagement in the system. Points can be used to reward employees for both giving and receiving positive feedback on the Disco platform, as well as when employees tag core values.  



TV support

Broadcast wins and company values to your connected displays and TVs around the office.

Disco employee profile

Empower employees to view their achievements, points, and values tags from their personal Disco profile. This employee profile is useful for employee performance reviews and 1-1's.  



Disco engagement dashboard and analytics

Gain visibility into real-time employee engagement, how often employees give positive feedback, and live your company values on Microsoft Teams.  


How do I Disco if I’m already using Growbot?

Disco will automatically upgrade your account from Growbot to Disco.  To access your dashboard and enable company values, please visit your Disco dashboard here.




To get the party started at your own company, add the Disco app to Teams, or to provide feedback directly to the Disco team, contact them here.


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