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New apps in Microsoft Teams - January update

Published Feb 06 2018 11:21 AM 49.5K Views

Last week we announced new app features that make Microsoft Teams an even more powerful hub for teamwork and we are excited to continue growing our ecosystem of Microsoft and partner apps and integrations. Here are some of the latest new apps:


Freehand by InVision: Draw, plan and collaborate on an infinite whiteboard – in real time. 


Collaborate on a whiteboard with Freehand by InVision in Microsoft TeamsCollaborate on a whiteboard with Freehand by InVision in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Flow: Automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks by integrating your favorite apps and services with Microsoft Flow. With this integration, right from within Teams, you can create and manage flows, review your received and sent approvals, and launch flows with the Flow Bot.  


Automate tasks with Microsoft Flow in TeamsAutomate tasks with Microsoft Flow in Teams


+BI Collaboration: Keep your team updated with notifications on your Power BI items, documents, links and assigned actions in the +BI Collaboration SharePoint add-in with this connector. Help your business intelligence team to more tightly collaborate on your business intelligence efforts. This connector requires +BI Collaboration SharePoint add-in from the Microsoft Store.


Axure Share: Get notified of activity on your projects hosted on Axure Share to keep all team members aware of updates and new discussions on projects. Axure Share is an easy way to share Axure RP prototypes with your team and clients.


Cellip 365 Response Group: To help you plan and act on how to serve your customers, the Cellip 365 Response Group Connector will send notifications to your Teams channel on dropped calls from your response groups. You will also receive warnings when your response group reach notification or critical levels for calls waiting. 


iCliniq MD: iCliniq is a global online medical second opinion platform with more than 2,500 doctors, from 80+ medical specialties. The iCliniq medical second opinion bot in Teams will help you get your health queries answered by real doctors.


iGlobe CRM for Teams: Extend your team space with access to customer information. iGlobe CRM Teams app will allow you and your team members to see company and contact information, activities, e-mail, notes, meeting reports, and opportunities, keeping you and your team updated.


MeisterTask: A simple yet powerful task management and collaboration tool that perfectly adapts to your team’s workflow and lets your team work together more efficiently.


Perfony: Manage all your team discussions and projects in one app. Discuss with your team, meet decisions, turn decisions into actions, and manage stakeholders. Enhance your productivity and get all your decisions turned into effective actions.


PickIt:  Add Pickit to a channel in Microsoft Teams for free access to legally cleared images, icons and illustrations when you compose messages. Pickit Pro users can share their collections with other users and Pickit Bot also works inside flows using bot commands to browse for images.


Tasks in a box for Teams: Tasks in a Box helps you stay on top of your work. Assign tasks, set due dates and follow up on the work of your team.


Teams App Studio (Preview): Create new Teams applications and test bot cards using. Teams App Studio streamlines creation of the manifest for your app and provides other useful tools like the Card Editor and a React control library.


YellowAnt: An intelligent assistant bot that brings ChatOps to centerstage in Teams by letting you create powerful event or command triggered automations to manage your work apps seamlessly. YellowAnt integrates with over 35 of your favorite apps like GitHub, Trello, Zendesk and more, kind of acting like a “mega-bot” in itself with tremendous capabilities that keep growing.


Who: Search for anyone in your organization based on what they’re working on, who they work with and more.

Search for experts in your organization with Who in Microsoft TeamsSearch for experts in your organization with Who in Microsoft Teams

Stocks:  Get real-time stock quotes and share them in a conversation. Search by company name or stock symbol.


Places: Places lets you look up detailed info about different businesses, restaurants, venues and more. Find out the address, hours of operation or reviews for a business, then share them in a conversation.


News: Stay up-to-date on current events courtesy of Bing News. Find coverage of local, national and worldwide news, then share it in a channel.


Images: Search Bing for the image you need and share it directly in a channel or chat


Weather: Find current weather reports for any city, zip code or location, then share them in a channel or chat.


Wikipedia Search: Do a quick search for a Wikipedia article and share it in a conversation.


Education apps:

We also recently announced a set of new education apps available and coming soon to Teams, see the full list here.  


Haldor Plagarism Check: Haldor LMS is a pedagogical learning management platform that allows teachers, students and parents to access courses, plans, assignments. Haldor Plagiarism Check allows for easy plagiarism checking in Teams.  


Skooler: Skooler’s integration ensures schools can augment the collaborative environment Teams provides with the powerful capabilities of Skooler’s learning Management System. Skooler


Quizlet: The Quizlet integration brings one of the most loved classroom and self-study apps to the Microsoft Office Suite. Now teachers can embed Quizlet sets and learning games directly into their Teams communications and workflow, for easy sharing and seamless studying.



Occasional Contributor

Hey @Julie Elmuccio, great news with the universe of apps expanding so greatly.


When it comes to Apps in MS Teams following questions are still on the table:

  1. Corporate communications is asking how can we establish a sort of moderation/control of potentially difamatory content surfaced by some of these public apps ? 
  2. Tenant (fairly acceptable so far) > Team > Channel based governance of which apps to be allowed for consumption.
  3. Monitoring activation of these apps via traditional tools, e.g. Cloud App Security listing, not at all visible currently, and a great issue for medium/large enterprises ?

And also - i do not see the "Who" bot in neither of my tenants (despite being both in Targeted release ). Anything special to do to get access, or its simply a matter of rollout timing.


Thank you in advance,


Not applicable

The Who bot isn’t like your usual bot setup. It’s on the left hand side in the Elipsis menu and it’s on there by default with the latest update. Once you click that it sets up. If it’s not there then you have external app off on tenant?

Not applicable

are You on edu tenant as well? Think who bot is only for non edu Teams. 


Hi Guys


Nice but when i go to store in the teams app i can only see microsoft office365 apps ?






Found the setting in Admin center.

I can se all apps now :)





Occasional Contributor

We don't see the OneNote app in the list of Apps in the Admin Centre.  

Great News and App, Congrats !
Not applicable

The desktop version of Teams for Windows & InVision seem to clash. It's giving a Warning: WebGL not supported issue.

Regular Visitor

This is great, too sad that we are still not able to invite guests without an Microsoft Office Acc. :\

Or I'm wrong? 

Not applicable

Still not available. It was listed as February on the roadmap item but I remember when it was August and well it’s way past that so hold thT for what it is. Hopefully they got a solution that works and is getting close. 

Frequent Contributor

If we disable external Apps in our tenant how can we let users know the existence of an App? The purpose here is this disable by default all apps but let users know the list of available apps that can be used and ask IT to enable it. But can't find anywhere else than in Teams/Store the list of apps. Thanks.

Occasional Visitor

We're proud to be a part of the Teams community with the +BI Collaboration Connector! Bulk load your Power BI items in SharePoint and collaborate more deeply.


Why does the desktop version not support WebGL?

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