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More Microsoft Teams Training modules for IT Pros

Published Apr 02 2019 06:40 AM 23.7K Views

Following our previous post we kept busy and made several updates and additions to our IT Pro training modules – which can be used to train yourself, train others or run workshops.



New: Live Events

Live Events is the functionality in Teams to stream audio, video and content to up to 10,000 live attendees which was just released into General Availability. Consume our training module to learn about the features of Live Events, how to plan, configure and manage them from an IT Pro perspective:

  • Tips and tricks to run successful Live Events
  • User roles
  • Media Flows and bandwidth requirements
  • Required licenses and policies

Video | Deck



New: Security & Compliance in Microsoft Teams



Teams is the ultimate tool for team work and to increase collaboration and productivity – but how is the data secured and how can it be kept compliant? This module goes into all the details:

  • How Microsoft keeps your data save and secure
  • How you can protect access to sensitive data
  • What the difference compliance features are (Auditing?, Hold?, Retention?) and how Teams can leverage them

Video | Deck



Update: Windows Desktop Client

We innovate constantly on all aspects of Teams. In terms of clients we recently included the installer in Office ProPlus and also added a switch to disable auto launch for the MSI installer. Clearly, this needs to be reflected in the client module and so we updated the video and the PowerPoint deck.

Video | Deck

Update: Direct Routing


direct access.png

Direct Routing recently added the functionality for Media Bypass – to send media directly from a Teams client to the Session Boarder Controller, optimizing the call flow. Now, we also updated the readiness module with all the required information on Direct Routing:

  • Updated media flows with and without Direct Routing
  • Updated guidance for planning and enablement
  • Updated Firewall guidance

Video | Deck



Get started!

  1. Watch the recordings on YouTube.
  2. Download all the decks.
  3. Use them for your own readiness or present them to others.
  4. Give us feedback and fill out our survey
  5. For questions or comments post under this article or in the forum using the “IT Pro Training” label.

Excellent! Thank you so much for all of this content!

New Contributor

I have found the Coffee in the Cloud YouTube videos on these subjects to be a great help! Please keep doing this for all IT pro content! 

Regular Contributor

Glad to see continuation to this! Thanks for sharing!

New Contributor

Thanks Thomas for updating this great video about Direct Routing. This covers all necessary details for our customers to enable calling in Microsoft Teams. 

Coffee in the Cloud YouTube videos is very rich and helpful will be sharing it. cool stuff!!!

Senior Member

Very informative thank-you very muchSmiley Happy

Occasional Contributor

Microsoft listening to customers and put them through series of bold actions with Microsoft Teams and the rest. Microsoft Teams and Security PTA integrate practical features and platform, deploying for internal uses, fine tune products and successfully launch solutions beyond products marketing with training, slide decks, etc.  Innovation is not about new features, they are about how to use them to solve our pain points and share with the rest of the world. We then learn about Microsoft solutions and taking to the next level.  Small guys like us are your Champions and wholeheartedly believe in a new Microsoft. 

2019 will be a soft year and it is best for planning the seeds for the next 5 years and Microsoft is ready for prime time. Kudos.

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