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Problem Statement

  • Excessive meetings and never-ending email threads take up a lot of time delaying arriving at a decision.
  • Transparency into the decision-making process is lacking within companies.
  • It can be challenging to maintain inclusivity and hear your team’s voice in the decision-making process. on top of Microsoft Teams helps your team make faster and better decisions together by capturing real voices, letting your team see which opinions influenced the decision and enabling your team to not only share their opinions and knowledge, but also see what others on the team think. With’s Machine Learning and AI-powered scoring mechanism, you can focus on the most supported opinion without reading through long email threads or sitting through endless meetings.



App Capabilities

  • Tabs
  • Bots
  • Messaging Extension


Get to the gist of the discussion quickly with Tabs

Add the tab to your team channel or group chat to see the bottom line in a larger discussion and top answers based on a team’s opinions and knowledge. Also, explore other features of in a single consolidated view with reduced context switching.


  • Ask your team questions on and open it up for their answers and comments to centralize the discussion within the tab.
  • With discussion analytics and AI-powered scoring mechanism, access how you’ve been influencing discussions and track each team member’s personal growth.
  • View highlights, team activities and participants active in the discussion.
  • Attach files to the discussion and find similar discussions you’ve had in the past to learn from previous decisions.

Centralize the discussion in Channel TabCentralize the discussion in Channel Tab


Turn team opinions into decisions with Bots

Get instant notifications on discussions initiated and responses received in a channel to stay on top of important topics. With bot commands (, search and start a new discussion without leaving Teams.

Start a new discussion with Bot commandsStart a new discussion with Bot commands


Get notified in a channelGet notified in a channel



Share discussions for reference with your team using Messaging Extension

Find discussions based on keywords and share it in a channel to bring visibility and keep your team informed. Also, create new discussions instantaneously without context switching.


Messaging ExtensionMessaging Extension


How to get started

If you haven’t already, install from our Microsoft AppSource.


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